Source code for brica1.port

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-


This module contains the class `Port`.


# BriCA imports
from .connection import Connection

[docs]class Port(object): """ A `Port` has a buffer value and a outward connection to another port. There may only be one outward connection but multiple inward connections. """ def __init__(self, value): """ Create a new `Port` instance. Args: None. Returns: Scheduler: A new `Port` instance. """ super(Port, self).__init__() self.buffer = value self.callbacks = []
[docs] def connect(self, target): """ Create a connection to the target `Port`. Args: target (Port): a `Port` to connect to. Returns: None. """ self.connection = Connection(target, self)
[docs] def sync(self): """ Sync self with the `Connection`. Args: None. Returns: None. """ if hasattr(self, 'connection'): self.connection.sync()
[docs] def register_callback(self, f): """ Register a callback function to this `Port` Args: f (Function): a function to register Returns: None. """ self.callbacks.append(f)
[docs] def invoke_callbacks(self): """ Invoke all callback functions with buffer value as argument Args: None. Returns: None. """ for f in self.callbacks: f(self.buffer)