Source code for brica1.connection

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-


This module contains the class `Connection`.


[docs]class Connection(object): """ A `Connection` connects two `Port`s and can be `sync`ed in one direction. """ def __init__(self, from_port, to_port): """ Create a Connection instance. Args: module (Module): module containing the `from_port_id` from_port_id (str): out-port id of `module` to_port_id (str): in-port id of target module Returns: Connection: a new Connection instance. """ super(Connection, self).__init__() self.from_port = from_port self.to_port = to_port
[docs] def sync(self): """ Sync the value from `from_port` to `to_port`. Args: None. Returns: None. """ self.to_port.buffer = self.from_port.buffer